Financial support for employees

Razvan is staying active and positive

In 2017, Razvan Grigorescu suffered a terrible accident that left him paralysed from the neck down. After months of rehabilitation, he regained some of his mobility and was able to use his hands again, which meant that he could get his job back and work from home. Working and being useful gave him some psychological comfort, but he missed the social and domestic activities that he used to do before the accident.

When he met Ciprian Lupu, the Romanian national champion in rally, his perspective changed. Ciprian is the living proof that a person with severe disabilities can still follow his dreams and drive a modified car. As he is also working with a Foundation for Disabled Persons, he helped Razvan identify some very useful devices that helped him improve his daily trainings but also his daily life.

With the grant received from the Employee Foundation, Razvan is now the owner of a new performance wheelchair and a walking aid that allows him to walk upright.

His wife, Roxana, VELUX Romania, who made the application to the Employee Foundation, says that the quality of Razvan’s life has improved significantly and he is now more mobile and most importantly, he is able to take small trips by himself. Despite the circumstances, the couple is optimistic and very grateful: “Small gestures from the foundation can make a huge difference for people around us,” says Roxana.

Emma’s dream education

It all started at a handball match in 2014. Emma Lynge Christensen sustained an injury during the match that damaged both the ligaments and cartilage in her knee. After surgery the following year, she was assigned to rehabilitative training with a physiotherapist, and in the process became interested in this profession. A few years later, when Emma came to choose a training, physiotherapy not only came top of the list, but was actually the only vocation she could imagine.

Emma gains motivation from working with people: “I find it fascinating because no two people are alike. There are always new ways of approaching my patients, and the stories and experiences they share are always unique. Helping other people adds to my own quality of life”.

The Employee Foundation’s grant has not been used yet, but Emma is considering spending some of the money on books. This is because she will soon be writing her bachelor’s dissertation. “Aside from that, I’m thinking of spending the grant after I graduate this summer and have to market myself. I might want to set up my own practice. That will require a good deal of equipment”. Emma’s mother works at the VELUX company in Skjern (Denmark).

Support for community projects

Basketball club in Poland builds community team spirit

MKK Gniezno is a juniors basketball club in the Polish city of Gniezno. Aimed at youth aged 7-18, the club has around 90 active players across six different divisions.

While the club is aimed primarily at under-18s, entire families often become involved in the club. This is because when the youngsters start training, the rest of the family typically engages in the social life enjoyed on the sidelines. When the club hosts matches, the atmosphere is described as having almost a family spirit, when the youngest children, teenagers and parents are all involved and helping or cheering. This is the close-knit atmosphere the club aims to encourage community-wide when its members participate in local sports and athletics events or mount joint activities with the local school.

The Employee Foundation has provided funding for the procurement of training equipment. This includes new balls, inflatable training “opponents” and training ladders for the floor. NB Polska (Poland) promoted the application.

An initiative to ease children’s hospital stays

The VELUX company in Ireland has some exceptionally compassionate employees. Thanks to them, the Employee Foundation was able to support a local initiative to make hospital stays at Children’s Health Ireland in Crumlin easier for thousands of children. This includes a former colleague who suddenly found himself in a very unfortunate situation with his daughter in hospital. As this was not a current employee of the VKR Group, the support was granted to a local project that had an indirect effect on the situation. The support was paid into a fund which, in association with the hospital, ensures that the departments can afford to host various events to bring some happiness to the otherwise harsh realities of hospitalisation. The Foundation’s support is spent on holding birthday parties, pizza nights, play and art evenings or for purchasing new toys.

The hospital admits around 150,000 children annually, and the fund works tirelessly to bring a little smile to their lips.



In 2020, we made grants worth EUR 2 million altogether.

769 donations worth EUR 1.5 million were made to current or retired employees in need of assistance in distressed circumstances or who applied for a grant for their children’s education or training.

Our Healthy Habits campaign contributed with about EUR 70,000.

162 donations worth more than EUR 0.3 million were made in support of projects in the communities where the Group’s companies operate.

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