We are seeking projects within Green areas and outdoor life

The Employee Foundation hereby invites employees to submit applications for original and inspiring project ideas/concepts to provide more green areas and outdoor recreational amenities. The Employee Foundation aspires for employees, their families, and communities to come together in enjoying and making the most of their natural environs, surrounded by daylight and fresh air. If YOU have a bright idea that could be realised as a joint project with your local authority, local organisations, and clubs, please apply now.

Leading lights

The project will be set in motion to tie in with the Employee Foundation’s 30th anniversary under which we will be launching grants for:

  • creating or restoring recreational areas
  • outdoor areas to encourage active recreation
  • outdoor areas to facilitate learning

We are seeking lasting projects, which, in their concept, execution, creativity or the like will serve as ‘leading lights’ for others.

Who is eligible to apply for funding?

We encourage employees to join forces with their local authority, local organisations and clubs to submit proposals for promising project concepts.

Application process

All applications will initially be screened by the local recommendation committee.
Final grant-award decisions are made by the board of the Employee Foundation of the VKR Group.
In the final selection of projects, the aim is to achieve a wide geographical distribution and diversity of projects, target groups and applicants.

Project requirements and expectations

We would like to receive a wide array of inspiring project ideas capable of bringing pride and joy to the wider community. The projects must make sense in the local community, and equally possess the quality and appeal that will make people willing to travel a moderate distance to be part of it.

The ideas/concepts must be backed up by employees, the local VKR company and community and bring something new to the area. We would like the employees to be part of the establishment phase, and, at least, to make use of the amenities once they are fully established.

The projects should encourage outdoor recreation and appeal to the wider community.

If you have any questions, please contact us:

Feel free to contact us right now with your ideas. We will be happy to offer feedback and advice on how a fun, appealing, different project idea can be turned into more than an idea. If a helping hand is needed to professionalise the idea, produce architectural drawings, etc. maybe we can help too.

Apply online

Application guide
Budget guide
Disbursement plan
Final report, guide 
Finances and disbursement, guide
Progress report, guide


For first round of applications:

  • Apply by 23 August 2021
  • Be notified in early October 2021


Henrik Øvlisen, Head of Programme
Employee Foundation of the VKR Group

@ hoe.ext@vkr-holding.com
mobile: +45 2170 4810

The successful project:

  • Is a lasting project and a boost and source of pride for the local community.
  • Is original and innovative.
  • Encourages and inspires outdoor recreation.
  • Is capable of meeting essential needs and creating value for a majority of people.
  • Can be realised within a manageable period of time and at the latest by the end of 2024.
  • Is open to the public.
  • Should be sited in the vicinity of a company in the VKR Group; but if the project gains national recognition, the distance to the VKR Group company can be increased considerably.
  • Is informed by an understanding of the needs and abilities of certain user groups, while taking natural and geographical features into consideration.
  • Has considered the need for climate protection and sustainability in materials and processes.
  • Can be realised with a grant from us – or with a small amount of other external funding.
  • Will be established on a tract/plot of land that is already available and thus not comprised by the Employee Foundation’s financial support.

For inspiration:

Elements that could be included in the project:

  • Shelter
  • Campfire site
  • Outdoor fitness equipment (primarily made of natural materials)
  • Combined MTB and rambling/walking trail
  • Platform for relaxation, fishing, bathing
  • Viewing platform or tower for surveying scenery, wildlife, birdlife, etc.
  • Hut or covered area for picnicking or educational purposes
  • Playground (primarily built of natural materials)
  • Outdoor theatre, stage, exhibition facilities, shows, concerts, etc.

We are unable to support

  • Large-scale general renovations or building upgrades
  • Projects whose main focus is not outdoor recreation
  • Residual-financing projects
  • Private projects that do not have a philanthropic purpose or are not open to the general public
  • Corporate projects with for-profit objectives