We recognise outstanding
achievements by individuals


Each year, the Employee Foundation confers the Villum Kann Rasmussen Award on employees who in their exceptional personal achievements have far exceeded expectations. The recipients are selected based on qualities that exemplify Villum Kann Rasmussen’s Model Company Objective;

•   Special commitment and great loyalty
•   Diligent and quality-conscious work performance
   Inventiveness and dynamism
   Helpfulness towards colleagues
•   Infectious enthusiasm for their work

It is not possible for employees to nominate themselves for the award. The local recommendation committees and company managements can nominate a candidate from among the employees and write a letter of recommendation setting out its reasons, which it then submits to the Board. Based on the recommendation letters, the Board selects the employees who are to receive the award in the subsequent year.

The award is conferred annually on the anniversary of the birth of the late Villum Kann Rasmussen on 23 January. The distinction is accompanied by a certificate and a gift. The Award is primarily a distinction recognising the exemplary individualised achievements of employees in different parts of the VKR Group.

If you believe that one of your colleagues is a deserving candidate for the Award, contact your local recommendation committee to let them know the name of this person.


Villum Kann Rasmussen

The Villum Kann Rasmussen Award
– the year’s award recipients


works as a controller for the company, and is based in Herning and Horsens, Denmark. He tackles every task, great and small, with the same commitment and performance standard. When new and existing co-workers need to be brought up to speed on new insights, his expertise, charts and presentations make complex topics comprehensible. Tommy Albertsen is popular among his co-workers, and is known for his exceptional personality, high professional standard and remarkable helpfulness.

VKR France (SAS)

works as a quality assurance assistant and is responsible for writing and teaching work and quality standards. She is a knowledgeable and dedicated guide on tours of the factory, and tireless in her outreach. She is extrovert, energetic, full of ideas and very active in organising employee activities. Blandine Bonnici is always patient and positive, and contributes both professionally and socially to the great atmosphere at work.

VELUX Schweiz AG

is full of initiative and a persistent sales representative; a true VELUX ambassador. In his longstanding service to the company, he has built up an outstanding client base, and among clients is regarded as a reliable and experienced business partner. He thinks out of the box and is always ready to learn new technology to enhance his work efficiency. Beat Büchler is a team player and a valued sparring partner, who enjoys great respect among clients, colleagues and management alike.

Lian Trevarefabrikk AS

is a dedicated employee, who, in his long-standing service, has worked in most of the company’s production divisions, and therefore knows all the processes involved in windows manufacturing. He works efficiently, independently and takes responsibility. He is a friendly, loyal and dedicated employee, and is an excellent supervisor and mentor for new colleagues. Arnstein Lian always produces work to a high standard, and is a respected and greatly valued employee.

Thyregod Bygningsindustri A/S

He is a key employee in creating new and flexible solutions in support of the implementation of a new assembly concept at the manufacturing facility. His background in the assembly division gives him a distinct advantage in working with LEAN and FLOW, his solutions are innovative, effective and time-saving, and his know-how and experience are in demand at other VELUX sites. Brian Madsen is a firebrand, and takes personal pride in systematising and simplifying even very complex challenges.

NB Polska Sp. z o.o. (W), Gniezno

She began as a machine operator, and currently works in quality control. Her co-workers have elected her to the works council, and she is known to everyone. She supports and engages actively in local initiatives both at work and in the community. She has an eye for detail, is a fast learner, and her efforts reflect her keen job morale. Monika Majewska’s positive attitude and encouraging smile, reliability and helpfulness make her very popular with her co-workers.

VELUX France (SAS)

She is a market manager, and over the years in her current position and in previous roles as product manager and marketing manager she has been proactive in building the VELUX brand in France. She is enthusiastic, generous and open, and readily puts in an extra effort in the department if the need arises. Corinne Millot is positive, dedicated and helpful, and is regarded among her colleagues as a reliable associate who is adept at working organisation-wide.


She is a natural and convincing role model. Besides her responsibilities as head of accounts at VELUX Ukraine, she is Regional Finance Manager for a total of three markets. Her energy level is unusually high, she is thorough, and she asks constructive questions – and also readily accepts constructive feedback. Regardless of her own role, successes and great achievements are celebrated as a team effort. Uliana Momont is greatly respected and held in the highest regard by her colleagues.

VELUX Polska Sp. z o.o.

His appointment as Regional Finance Manager with responsibility for eight markets has in no way impaired the standard of his work. He accepts new challenges with enthusiasm and openness, and raises the bar for employee performance. He is flexible, professional, dedicated and resourceful, and is always ready to share his insights and help others when the need arises. Jarek Obszarski is a role model in change management, and a motivating example for others.

VELUX Canada Inc.

Her dedication to her job and her long-serving commitment inspire everyone around her. Her responsibilities span from all forms of purchasing, IT and logistics to the running of two warehouses and a sales office. She is incredibly hard-working, flexible and persistent. She has diverse professional skills, and she always puts work and colleagues first. Kinga Polack has a selfless and unassuming approach to her work, and does not seek the limelight.

Svenska Fönster AB

He is a pillar of the company and works as head of After Market. He deals with the most demanding customers, is adept at putting a positive spin on complaints, and has made a proactive contribution to the reduction in recent years of customer complaints. With his calm and composed manner, he inspires a sense of concerted effort and team spirit among his staff, who are spread across a large geographical area. Urban Sigfridsson is extraordinarily helpful, and in his spare time is a volunteer in community life.

VELUX A/S, Hørsholm

In his many years of service to the VKR Group, he has demonstrated an exceptional dedication to the VELUX business and its growth. He is a charismatic leader, with a strong personality, is open and communicative internally and externally, and possesses profound knowledge of all entities in the VELUX Group around the globe. Jørgen Tang-Jensen is attentive to detail, possesses unique product and market insights, and is at all times focused on the VELUX Group’s progress and prosperity.

VELUX A/S, Østbirk

He began his VELUX career as an assembly worker, and then joined the drawing office, where his experience from wood production benefited the company. In his day-to-day work, he serves as a key link between the drawing office and manufacturing, and he makes a great effort to eliminate bureaucracy. He has extensive knowledge of the VELUX products, creates stability in relations with colleagues, is helpful and always takes a positive approach to his work tasks.

2018_v-d_udo_zimmermann_webUDO ZIMMERMANN
VELUX Deutschland GmbH

With his long-standing ties to the company as part of the team responsible for facility management, internal relocations or maintenance works are always planned in close consultation with him. He knows every inch of the premises, and has the oversight and valuable ideas for driving efficiency in areas under his responsibility. Udo Zimmermann is a valued and reliable employee, who always comes into work with an upbeat, motivated attitude and with his ready smile spreads feel-good among his co-workers.