We recognise outstanding
achievements by individuals


Each year, the Employee Foundation confers the Villum Kann Rasmussen Award on employees who in their exceptional personal achievements have far exceeded expectations. The recipients are selected based on qualities that exemplify Villum Kann Rasmussen’s Model Company Objective;

•   Special commitment and great loyalty
•   Diligent and quality-conscious work performance
   Inventiveness and dynamism
   Helpfulness towards colleagues
•   Infectious enthusiasm for their work

It is not possible for employees to nominate themselves for the award. The local recommendation committees and company managements can nominate a candidate from among the employees and write a letter of recommendation setting out its reasons, which it then submits to the Board. Based on the recommendation letters, the Board selects the employees who are to receive the award in the subsequent year.

The award is conferred annually on the anniversary of the birth of the late Villum Kann Rasmussen on 23 January. The distinction is accompanied by a certificate and a gift. The Award is primarily a distinction recognising the exemplary individualised achievements of employees in different parts of the VKR Group.

If you believe that one of your colleagues is a deserving candidate for the Award, contact your local recommendation committee to let them know the name of this person.


Villum Kann Rasmussen

The Villum Kann Rasmussen Award
– the year’s award recipients

2019_anders_christensen_shANDERS CHRISTENSEN
VELUX A/S, Hørsholm

During his long service with the Group, he has had various positions; today he heads VMS Logistics & Operations. Always very dedicated with a strong drive and self-discipline. He is a modest, good-humoured person and a diligent, hard-working, and competent business partner. He has unusual diplomatic skills, political flair, and is a strong communicator. Anders Christensen’s high professional standards, his commitment, and good spirits are highly appreciated by everyone.

2019_erik-enevoldsen_shERIK ENEVOLDSEN
DOVISTA A/S, Herning

He is a long-serving specialised and skilled System Developer, who began his career in VELFAC A/S; since the merger of IT services, he has worked for DOVISTA IT. He is the central architect of the Group’s product configuration solutions, and excels in complexity with his sense of detail. Erik Enevoldsen is extremely popular and he readily helps his colleagues by solving both small and large technical challenges that contribute to easing their working day.

2019_martin-guba_shMARTIN GUBA
Partizánske Building Components – SK s.r.o.

He began his career as Maintenance Coordinator in the early days of the company, and today, he is part of the Management team. He is a role model in many aspects of his professional and personal life. He is a modest and calm nature, is a highly respected and valued colleague and leader. His personality and the VELUX values are a perfect match. Martin Guba always keeps in mind that the production is the heart of business, and his role is to serve production by excellent support.

2019_jan-schelde-hansen_shJAN SCHELDE HANSEN
Skærbæk Bygningsindustri A/S

He works in Production of components for roof windows. By his resourcefulness and extensive knowledge in his field, he strives to fully exploit the potential for optimising the quality of the wood components, for minimising waste, and for utilisation of recycled wood. He is a person of true commitment, always ready to go the extra mile, and he radiates joy and energy. Jan Schelde Hansen is extremely loyal, and he is respected among colleagues in the entire organisation.

2019_anette-hedvall_shANETTE HEDVALL
Mockfjärds Fönstermästaren AB

She began in the Front Office and is today responsible for the Regional Back Office serving the South of Sweden. With her great commitment, empathy and skills, she often finds solutions to complaint issues to the satisfaction of both customers, business partners, and the company. Anette Hedvall is an active local representative for the union, and she is highly appreciated by members and company alike as a stern but fair sparring partner.

2019_karolyne-horvath_shKÁROLYNÉ HORVÁTH
VELUX Magyarország LKR Kft.

Since its establishment, she has worked for the company as an Operator in the Wood Component Production. Her extensive experience and outstanding knowledge are put to good use in her present job as Small Team Coordinator. She is open-minded and shares her knowledge with colleagues and managers alike. Károlyné Horváth’s enthusiasm, motivation, and energetic personality encourage the team to improve their performance every day.

2019_bill_kelly_shBILL KELLY
Rationel Windows (UK) Ltd.

He has worked successfully within Sales for many years, and is today Regional Sales Manager for the North of England and Scotland. He is committed, a breath of fresh air and he lights up any room he enters. He is well liked and respected by everyone, and can interact easily across generations, skill levels and cultures. Bill Kelly has made a huge effort to establish Model Company thinking throughout our distribution network.

2019_ulla-kristensen_shULLA KRISTENSEN
VELUX A/S, Skjern

She began her long-standing career as Technical Assistant. Today, she is Technical Project Head in the Product Development Department, Care & Cost branch. In all her job functions, she has contributed with knowledge, structure and control. Ulla Kristensen is highly appreciated for her positive approach, and how she makes complicated matters understandable. New challenges are met with a positive approach, and she sets about the job with enthusiasm.

2019_pernille_ross_petersen_shPERNILLE ROSS PETERSEN
Velterm A/S / VELUX A/S, Brædstrup

From the beginning of her career as a Production Worker, she was trained to operate various work stations. After many years in Production, she was granted transfer to the Glass Cutting Department, where today she is responsible for the customised production, a job she performs with diligence, high quality and commitment. Pernille Ross Petersen helps and cares for her colleagues, is active in the staff club, and brings about a good atmosphere.

2019_anna_rejtova_shANNA REJTOVÁ
BKR ČR, s.r.o.

She began as a Production Operator, and later transferred to the Output Quality Control where she still works. She is a natural leader who is ready when events and charity call for volunteers, and a team-player who knows to motivate her colleagues. She is considerate and well liked, and today a valued member of the Workers’ Council. Anna Rejtová’s performance is reliable and diligent, and she is always ready to help her colleagues.

2019_esther-van-rossum_shESTHER VAN ROSSUM
VELUX Nederland B.V.

She joined the company as an Assistant Credit Controller in the Finance Department; today she works as the local Finance Manager. Her work is characterised by ambitious standards and a powerful sense of responsibility. For many years, she has enjoyed her colleagues’ confidence, which resulted in her seat today at the Workers’ Council. Esther van Rossum is committed, loyal and thorough; and she is held in high esteem by her colleagues nationally and internationally.

2019_slawomir_sacewicz_shSŁAWEK SACEWICZ
DOVISTA Polska Sp. z o.o.

He holds the position as Warehouse Foreman, but began his long-serving career as Warehouseman. He is committed, hard-working and provides high-quality service; everyone likes him for his optimistic and kind behaviour. Owing to his management skills and his care for the employees, the warehouse runs smoothly and safely. He is a great organiser and a role model. Sławek Sacewicz is respected and appreciated for his experience and knowhow that he willingly shares with everyone.

2019_rune_schmidt_shRUNE CHR. SCHMIDT
VELUX A/S, Kolding

He began his career within Finance at Gelsted Bygningsindustri, but in 2008, he transferred to VELUX A/S, Kolding, where he today works as Global Process Owner. He works hard for results that benefit the whole Group. He is always ready to help his colleagues in difficult situations – work-related and personal. Rune Chr. Schmidt is committed, motivated, and strives to improve the work processes he encounters. He is highly appreciated by colleagues and business partners.

2019_michal-wojtakowski_shMICHAŁ WOJTAKOWSKI
NM Polska Sp. z o.o., Namysłów

Thanks to his high motivation and strong engineering skills, he is today a Moulding Expert in the PU Department, where he first began as a Machine Operator. Over the years, he has gained a vast network within production engineering extending to other production companies. With his high presence on the shop floor and his hands-on approach, his knowledge-sharing and sense of humour, Michał Wojtakowski brings about a good working atmosphere.

2019_haiyan_zang_shHAIYAN ZANG
VELUX (China) Co., Ltd.

She joined the company as Marketing Assistant. Over the years, she has improved and extended her skills; her long list of achievements together with her loyalty, commitment and resourcefulness have led her to her present position as Marketing Director. She has a huge network among designers and architects, and by her strong drive, her coordination and communication skills, Haiyan Zang promotes sales of VELUX products on the Chinese market.