About The Employee Foundation

For more than a quarter of a century, the Employee Foundation of the VKR Group has assisted employees and their families in many different situations. The Employee Foundation has funded community activities in the vicinity of the VKR Group and conferred the Villum Kann Rasmussen Award on specially selected employees.

The Employee Foundation was established in 1991 to support employees and their families worldwide. Since then, it has made over 6,000 donations and more than 4,100 employees have received support. At the same time, more than 1,900 projects in the vicinity of VKR Group companies have benefited from grants from the Employee Foundation.

The Foundation has a capital base of DKK 350 million which derives from endowments from VILLUM FONDEN and from VKR Holding. The donations and other awards made by the Employee Foundation Board each year are funded by the proceeds of this capital base.

Although the Employee Foundation has supported many purposes since it came into existence, it is not possible to grant all applications. The Employee Foundation makes its donations and other financial awards on the basis of a “most in need – highest support” criterion.


To support employees and their immediate families when facing unexpected unfortunate situations (such as death, illness, accident)

To support employees’ children in completing their final education or training

To support activities in the vicinity of VKR Group companies

To present the Villum Kann Rasmussen Award

Local recommendation committees
– your contact with us

If you wish to apply for support from the Employee Foundation, you must contact your local recommendation committee or your local contact. Within each VKR Group company, local management has appointed a recommendation committee or a named contact to assist you with your application to the Employee Foundation.

It is important to contact the recommendation committee concerning your application. This is because you have to submit your application to the committee, not to the Employee Foundation direct. Once the recommendation committee has received your application, it screens it and forwards it to the Employee Foundation if it judges that the application meets the support eligibility criteria.

If you don’t know the names of members on the recommendation committee in your company, or if you have any questions concerning the Employee Foundation, you are welcome to contact us.

VKR-grafikpil-brownCONTACT US


The secretariat is responsible for administration of the Employee Foundation. We attend to practical matters and provide decision-support for both the local recommendation committees and the Employee Foundation Board in considering incoming applications.

We recognise that people are different, which is why we process each application with respect for the individual applicant’s situation and privacy.


Members of the Employee Foundation Board

2016-03_Michel_Langrand_SHMichel Langrand

Company: VELUX France
Position: Former General Manager, today consultant for the VELUX Group.
Employed in the VKR Group since 1992

Lene Gøbel Rønberg

Company: Rationel Vinduer
Position: Commercial Product Manager
Employed in the VKR Group since 1987

elin-persson_sh_160x210Elin Persson

Company: Svenska Fönster
Position: HR Manager
Employed in the VKR Group since 2011

Lidia Mikolajczyk -Gmur

Company: VELUX Polska
Position: Former General Manager, today consultant for the foundation VILLUM FONDEN
Employed in the VKR Group since 1990

kristian_justesenKristian E. Justesen

Company: A/S Østbirk Bygningsindustri
Position: Managing Director
Employed in the VKR Group since 1997

lisbeth_jorgensenLisbeth N. Jørgensen

Company: VELUX A/S
Position: Project Manager in Commercial Development Department.
Employed in the VKR Group since 1989

Bjarne Thomsen

Company: VELUX A/S
Position: Former Group Director in VELUX A/S, today advisor for the chair/board of the Employee Foundation
Employed in the VKR Group since 1969

The board

The Employee Foundation Board meets four times a year to decide on the applications received. The Board is composed of six members representing companies within the VKR Group. The members, who are elected by VILLUM FONDEN and VKR Holding, respectively, serve for two years at a time, with maximum continuous service of eight years.