The Employee Foundation grants financial support to existing and retired employees of the VKR Group and their immediate family.

As an employee of one of the VKR Group’s companies around the world, you are eligible to apply for a grant to benefit you personally and your immediate family. You must have been employed within the Group for at least three years, although dispensation from this requirement may be granted in special cases. We define an employee’s immediate family as the employee’s spouse/co-habiting partner and children under the age of 30 years.

You may also apply for support for non-profit purposes in the vicinity of the company you work for, regardless of whether you have been employed for three years. We define “vicinity” as no more than 25 km from a company within the VKR Group.

Although the Employee Foundation supports many purposes, it is not always possible to grant all applications. The Employee Foundation makes its donations and other financial awards on the basis of a “most in need – highest support” criterion.


The secretariat is responsible for administration of the Employee Foundation. We attend to practical matters and provide decision-support for both the local recommendation committees and the Employee Foundation Board in considering incoming applications.

We recognise that people are different, which is why we process each application with respect for the individual applicant’s situation and privacy.

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How to apply

If you wish to apply for support from the Employee Foundation, you may contact the local recommendation committee established within each of the VKR Group companies. The recommendation committee is the ‘bridge’ between the local company and the Employee Foundation. Its members can help you with your application.

You must complete your application online – follow the link in the white box “ONLINE APPLICATION” to our online application system. A user guide is available for download. Once you are registered in the system, grey boxes will guide you through the process.

If for some reason you cannot make an online application yourself, you can download an application form or get one from your local recommendation committee. Use the application form as a draft before typing in your data in the online system. The committee may assist you by filling in the form and entering your data into the online application system. Please note that in compliance with the EU personal data protection act you must sign a Declaration of Consent when you apply for support for personal purposes from the Employee Foundation. Under Downloads you may find other language versions than English.

After completion of the application, the committee members assess whether your application can be submitted to the Employee Foundation. If your application is forwarded, it will be considered by the Employee Foundation Board, which decides on whether to grant support and the amount.

Please note that it may take some time before you receive a reply to your application. The Employee Foundation Board meets once every quarter.

You are welcome to contact us if you do not know the names of members serving on your local recommendation committee.


We support employees


The Employee Foundation may grant support in the event of death, accident or illness with serious consequences affecting employees or their immediate family. The financial support may be spent on medical care or remedial arrangements, but may also be granted as an encouragement at a time of distress.


The Employee Foundation is also mandated to grant financial support to assist the employees’ children in completing their final education or training. To be eligible, the child must be under the age of 30, and have completed at least half of the education or training. Support is granted for both vocational training and academic education.

We may also grant student travel bursaries or cover the cost of special tools or materials required by a study programme. These educational grants are awarded on the basis of a “most in need – highest support” criterion.


Financial awards are also granted for initiatives to benefit current and former employees. This might be clubs or associations for senior employees, early retirees and retired employees.


Financial support in the event of sudden death, an accident or serious illness

For disabilities

Involuntary childlessness

Educational grants

Seniors clubs for retired employees

We support local communities

The VKR Group is committed to making a contribution to the communities its companies operate in. This is why our support is aimed at projects in the vicinity of VKR Group companies.

This means that the Employee Foundation can grant funding applications from non-profit clubs, associations and other organisations based within a radius of 25 km of a company within the VKR Group.

We give priority to donations to projects with lasting impact and value, and give preference to projects linked to employees of the VKR Group. To be eligible, there is no requirement to have worked for the VKR Group for a certain period of time.


Equipment for sports associations

Construction/refurbishment of club premises

Creation/refurbishment of playgrounds

Social projects at nursing homes, children’s homes and drop-in centres

Fixtures and fittings for museums

Creation of outdoor fitness grounds as free public amenities