Within the VKR Group, we are mindful of our employees and society around us

Social responsibility is core to our values

VKR-værdierSocial responsibility and integrity have been core values for the VKR Group from the outset. In 1965, Villum Kann Rasmussen formulated the Model Company Objective, which has since served as a beacon for the VKR Group.

The year 1971 saw the founding of what is now VILLUM FONDEN, while VELUX FONDEN was created in 1981. The two foundations together, known as THE VELUX FOUNDATIONS, have since supported a wide range of non-profit purposes. In 1991, the two foundations were supplemented by the Employee Foundation for the VKR Group, which was mandated to assist employees in the event of unexpected and unfortunate situations, and to support the children of employees with educational grants.

The Employee Foundation exemplifies the concept of the Model Company Objective by assisting individual employees and their local communities alike. In this way, the spirit of Villum Kann Rasmussen lives on through the activities of the Employee Foundation, which also confers the Villum Kann Rasmussen Award on employees for outstanding achievements.


”The purpose of the VKR Group is to establish a number of Model Companies which cooperate in an exemplary manner”

Since 1965, when Villum Kann Rasmussen formulated the Model Company Objective, it has served as a beacon for the VKR Group.

According to the Objective, a Model Company is one that is committed to products that are useful to society. Equally, the company shall treat its customers, suppliers, employees and shareholders better than most other companies.

But a Model Company also needs to make a profit in order to finance growth and maintain financial independence.

This is the core ethos of the VKR Group, and which the Employee Foundation exemplifies.


We recognise outstanding achievements by individuals.

Villum Kann Rasmussen


Other foundations

The Employee Foundation is one of several foundations within the VKR Group. Together with VILLUM FONDEN and VELUX FONDEN, the Employee Foundation pursues founder Villum Kann Rasmussen’s mission to give something back to the society of which the company is a part.

VILLUM FONDEN (founded in 1971) funds research in science & technology and research outreach. But it also funds large-scale activities and projects addressing social and cultural domains or the external environment and sustainability.

VELUX FONDEN (founded in 1981) makes grants to senior citizens to incentivise aspirations to make a difference for themselves and others. This foundation has funded research in gerontology and in ophthalmology as well as in the humanities. However, the foundation also makes donations in support of cultural, environmental, societal and artistic purposes.



“The credit for building up this business is not down to me,
but the talented and inventive people around me.”

Villum Kann Rasmussen